During the last few years industries has witnessed an increasing awareness of clean power, power system harmonics and associated problems in low-voltage systems, both in power utilities and consumer segment. Harmonics being one of the major contributors of poor power quality, a better understanding is essential to minimize its effects

As the business processes and manufacturing facilities become more and more automated, new equipment either replaces or augments functions that were previously done manually. In today’s complex and diverse electrical environment, achieving system compatibility is often a steep challenge.

Modern IT facilities, Data centers, Telecommunication equipment, Industrial processes, and Medical equipment rely on sophisticated electronics for precise and continuous control, and the sensitivity of such electronics can jeopardize process reliability.

The Power Quality Audit / Harmonics Audit checks the reliability, efficiency, and safety of an organization’s electrical system. It verifies the following aspects:
• the continuity of the power supply: i.e., that the power in the network is available on a regular basis and is able to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment;
• the voltage quality: i.e., that there are no frequency disturbances from the supply in the network capable of damaging the system installations.

The Power Quality Audit uses network analyzers, instruments specially designed to detect faults and deteriorations, and record parameters and information that may be of use in locating the causes of disturbances. The data is collected and analyzed by our engineers, who can then diagnose the problems and suggest the most appropriate solutions. In an audit, the following parameters are primarily taken care of:

1. Voltage
2. Current
3. kW
4. kVA
5. kVAR
6. Power Factor
7. Harmonic Distortion (both Voltage and Current)
8. L-L, L-N, N-G RMS: Sags/swells/interruptions
9. High Frequency Transients - V & I

Technical Report

Following the preliminary review and site visit, we will prepare a technical report summarizing the findings of the audit. The report will consist of the summary of all information gathered with highlighted power system problems, field measurements, suggested solutions, corrective actions, and recommendations for follow-on power system monitoring or engineering analysis along with the necessary details. This report tells you about the scope and nature of any existing or nearing problems, lays an excellent foundation for more analysis and effective power system design.

A few of the snapshots of the data collected are being shared:

Power Quality Audit Sample Report 1 | Felidae Systems

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