This solution will be for household users. Typically there will be one energy meter and maximum two connected clients.


further integration of Productivity information like: target production and current rate of production etc can be integrated.


Integration of Physical parameters, like Temperature and Humidity.

Why Monitoring?

Can ECG cure heart problem? But Can we cure without its help?

Can fever be cured by Thermometer ? But , we need it to sense the deviation.

Benefits from Energy monitoring

  • Helps you profiling and Bench-marking by providing online calculation of energy consumption per unit produced.
  • Online monitoring of all the parameters from various sources can be viewed at single place.
  • Develops the behavioural change in the human resource about Energy consumption.
  • Develops the healthy competition for Energy Conservation between teams.
  • Can track information of Balanced load, so all the faults can be avoided
  • Run hour of each machine can also be viewed at single place thus helps in planning of maintenance
  • All parameters can be logged for up to 1 Year or More ( based on solution implemented)