Image Proefficient1.0 | Felidae systems

PROEFFICIENT1.0 – An Holistic Tool To Calculate & Interpret Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE is the standard way of calculating the efficiency of Productivity in the operational time. It is necessary to evaluate OEE in order to get a glimpse of how effectively and efficiently the resources are getting utilized. Conventionally, the calculation of OEE is done using MS Excel where the complete production data is being recorded in Excel sheets and based...
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IoT in Automobile Industry | Felidae Systems

Minimizing Downtime Via Internet of Things in Automobile Industry

‘Downtime’ is a dreaded word any manufacturer would not like to hear. Every second of Downtime creates huge losses for the manufacturing companies. The companies are always on the quest to find new solutions to minimize downtimes. The Internet of Things(IoT) is a great application coming to the rescue of such companies in their fight against Downtime. The...
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Image Challenges for MSMEs | Felidae Systems

Challenges for MSMEs in the Current Economy

Introduction Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) forms the backbone of the Indian Business Sector. There are more than 50 Million MSMEs in India which contributes to almost 45% of Indian Gross Domestic Product. Approximately 46 Crore Indians are employed by these MSMEs. This sector is growing by 11.5% every year. Hence this becomes a very important aspect...
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Image Power factor | Felidae Systems

How Power factor effects Electricity Bill

To understand the effect of power factor on electricity bill first we need to know the power factor. So I will make it easier for you. Power factor is ratio of net energy used by us for work (actual energy) to the total energy supplied to mains (apparent energy). Numerically Pf = KWH/KVAH. Pf is denoted by cos (Φ) where Φ is the phase angle between current and...
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