Image why the Industry need Energy Monitoring System | Felidae Systems

Why the Industry needs Energy Monitoring System

If we ask ourselves why the industry needs energy monitoring systems, we’d be left with an unresolved anomaly. This is because some years have seen a rise in energy consumption while some have seen a marked decrease. For instance, the year 2019 experienced a global economic...
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Image Electrical Thermography| Felidae Systems

A Basic Guide to Electrical Thermography

What is Electrical Thermography? Electrical Thermography is a test technique used to test electrical equipment. It may be used to identify unbalanced loads, poor insulation, poor or lose connections, or other potential problems in energized electrical components. Uses Of...
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Standards of Electrical Safety | Felidae Systems

Indian Standards for Electrical Safety Audit

Introduction Electrical Safety, if not done or followed properly can lead to severe damages. More than forty percent of total fire hazard is due to compromise in electrical safety. It is critical to get the electrical safety audit done for your premises on a regular basis...
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Electrical Safety Audit Delhi NCR

Electrical Safety Audit – Briefing of Procedures

What is Electrical Safety Audit? In a simple term, Electrical Safety Audit is an audit of an Industry or even Household to check any hazard point in the whole ecosystem related to Electricity to avoid any damages in the future and in the due process, Electrical Safety Audit also...
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