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Why the Industry needs Energy Monitoring System

If we ask ourselves why the industry needs energy monitoring systems, we’d be left with an unresolved anomaly. This is because some years have seen a rise in energy consumption while some have seen a marked decrease. For instance, the year 2019 experienced a global economic slowdown. According to world energy trends, this slowdown translated into lower energy consumption growth. This information, therefore, implies that we are no closer to letting our guards down when it comes to preserving energy. There are still some majorly depleting resources that may not be replenished should its need arise in the near future. As humans, we tend to either take for granted what we have in abundance or we unintentionally misuse resources. We do not know how to monitor our own actions, individually...
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Introduction It is the complete knowledge of the supplier lots along with proper identification and tracking. It is an activity of collecting and managing information regarding what has been done in manufacturing processes from receiving of raw materials and parts to shipment of products and finally sold in the market. It is required to possess highly precise control over the product and process quality in response to Customer Demands. When we are promising 0 parts per billion of errors then it becomes necessary for Industries such as medical, food and beverage, aerospace, defense and automotive to have a proven methodology for trace and track. Classification of Traceability Now based on the location it can be divided into two major types: In-house Traceability is the tracing and...
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PROEFFICIENT1.0 – Tool To Calculate & Interpret Overall Equipment Effectiveness – Automated OEE

OEE is the standard way of calculating the efficiency of Productivity in the operational time. It is necessary to evaluate OEE in order to get a glimpse of how effectively and efficiently the resources are getting utilized. Conventionally, the calculation of OEE is done using MS Excel where the complete production data is being recorded in Excel sheets and based on the data the calculation is done for the OEE as Efficiency = Output/Input = (Input-Losses)/ Input              OEE = Availability*Performance*Quality For the sake of OEE the losses can be categorized as shown: Now the traditional method of calculation of OEE is suitable for the smaller units where the number of machines is in single digits and data is easy to be maintained in the form of a manageable number of Excel...
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Minimizing Downtime Via Internet of Things, IoT in Automobile Industry

‘Downtime’ is a dreaded word any manufacturer would not like to hear. Every second of Downtime creates huge losses for the manufacturing companies. The companies are always on the quest to find new solutions to minimize downtimes. The Internet of Things(IoT) is a great application coming to the rescue of such companies in their fight against Downtime. The following are the few aspects that help reduce Downtime using IoT in Automobile Industry: Maintenance of Production Line One can imagine what nightmares a single small part failure can give to the manufacturer and the replacement of the faulty part is not readily available. Wouldn’t it be great if this small part is going to fail is known and it’s replaced before it causes downtime? Well, this is where IoT comes into the picture. The...
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