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Indian Standards for Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety, if not done or followed properly can lead to severe damages. More than forty percent of total fire hazard is due to compromise in electrical safety. It is critical to get the electrical safety audit done for your premises on a regular basis otherwise it can...
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Image Automation | Felidae Systems

Fascinating Automation Tactics That Will Help Your Business Grow

How many times a simple not so very important task has distracted you at work and affected your efficiency? Many times, right? Here are a few tactics which can help you save effort on such tasks. The saved time and effort can be put to constructive things and can help businesses...
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Image Understand Your Electricity Bill

Understand Your Industrial/Commercial Electricity Bill

Electricity Bill: An insight upon the details it gives Today electricity has become the inseparable expensive part of residential/commercial/industrial development. It is as much essential as air, water, food, shelter. In today’s world we can’t imagine the society living without...
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Image Power factor | Felidae Systems

How Power factor effects Electricity Bill

To understand the effect of power factor on electricity bill first we need to know the power factor. So I will make it easier for you. Power factor is ratio of net energy used by us for work (actual energy) to the total energy supplied to mains (apparent energy). Numerically Pf =...
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Image Infrared Thermography| Felidae Systems

A Basic Guide to Electrical Thermography

What is Thermography? Thermography is a test technique used to test electrical equipment. It may be used to identify unbalanced loads, poor insulation, poor or lose connections, or other potential problems in energized electrical components. Uses Of Thermography Electrical...
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10 ways to hurt yourself on electrical systems

Perhaps you’ve been an electrician for a while. Or maybe you’re just starting out. No matter how much experience you have, it’s always good to spend a few minutes thinking about how to end the day in the same shape as you started it—without any injuries. The 10 pieces of advice...
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How does high-efficiency lighting affect power quality?

It’s hard to gauge the true cost of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) because of the incentive subsidies currently being offered by utilities, but suffice it to say that a CFL generally costs significantly more to manufacture and buy than the equivalent incandescent lamp. The...
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Process Automation Image| Felidae Systems

Find industrial energy waste

With energy savings, there’s intent and then there’s plan. Industrial facilities in the United States show a sustained interest in energy management. That’s the intent: Reduce overall energy usage or sustain usage but increase the amount produced per kW used....
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How Tangedco audits power quality

We increasingly rely on automation, which in turn relies on clean power. Power quality problems can cause processes and equipment to malfunction or shut down. And the consequences can range from excessive energy costs to complete work stoppage. Power quality is critical. The...
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